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Letter writing is a lost art in these days of instant messages, email, and texting. Loli_of_Letters seeks to unite Lolita's who would like to taste what it might have been like before. Back when there was a chance that you'd receive a beautiful handwritten letter on beautiful paper, sealed with wax, and scented like lavender, rose, or some other exotic scent, and full of news of people and places far away. Letters were an occasion.


Due to the fact that we will be sharing our addresses here, all posts will require approval, as will new members.

Use the following form to help us help you find a pen pal!



Address or General Location:

Lolita Style of Choice:

Your Age:

A bit about yourself:
(This can be anything, but give your future pen pal something to write to you about!)


Additionally, if you want to talk about stationary, letter writing in general, or anything like that, you are welcome to! We realize that this community isn't going to be terribly active if all we do is write letters to each other, and that is fine, but if you do find some beautiful stationary, a great website or something of the like, please share it with us!

We don't, however, encourage sales posts. This just isn't the place for that.


Some good letter writing information and guidelines ~

Beautiful Stationary ~