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by Rainbow Child (reinbowchild)
at December 7th, 2008 (07:05 pm)

Name: Suzanne

Location:  So Cal
If you want to send me a letter please E-mail me asking for my mailing adress. I would be more than happy to give to you as long as you have posted a profile on here like this as well.

Lolita Style Of Choice: Sweet, Hime, shiro, kuro
I like dressing punky but not punky Lolita.

Age: 16

A Bit About Myself:

I love every aspect of the rococo lifestyle. I love extravagance. I like nature and enjoy long walks by myself. I think that walking meditation is important and helps me clear my head. I like the brisk weather and early spring best.  Even though I don’t believe in anything I think that it is sometimes fun to pretend that ghosts or spirits are real to escape from boredom, although I suppose I am never easily bored because I can find amusement in just about anything. I like being polite but I think that sometimes rudeness and obscenity can be funny in certain situations. I am not afraid of doing something for the lulz and don’t think that life should be taken 100% seriously. On the other had I wholeheartedly believe that in everything there must be rules and those rules should be upheld in anything that is really important to you. I am an atheist, but I believe that life is important because it’s all we’ve got.  I see no harm in playing pretend every-so-often.  I like games and fantasy. I like books (especially by Clive Barker), anime, video games, drawing, and fashion. I don’t like spiders (or any bug), math, people who take everything seriously, people who dislike lots of things, executives of large companies, and objectivism. I would write a rhetorical analysis paper for fun if I had a reason to. I like decora, kigu and hime gal but not as much as Lolita. I have a very eclectic taste in music and like just about everything except country. And if you haven’t noticed already I…. ramble.




What I’m looking for: I preferably want to communicate by snail mail because I love writing and receiving letters but e-mail is ok too. I would prefer someone under 18 because I would feel safer and over 14 because I’m not sure how well I could relate to anyone too much younger than me. I have no preference in gender or style. I would like my pen pal to be open minded and not too much of a pessimist but also be someone who believes that there has to be rules in fashion, you cant just dress crazy.


☆Ru:ki favourite wonderland☆ [userpic]
.hello dears
by ☆Ru:ki favourite wonderland☆ (virus_dreams)
at November 24th, 2008 (06:37 pm)

Name: Risu (or Ruki)

Location: Chicago, IL

Loli Style: kuro, shiroi, EGA, EGL, wa-loli, sweet, classical,punk, visual. etc

Age: 25

About me: Well this is my second time again because I lost the contacts of my first lolita pen pals when I move & I didn't have internet for a while :(. Now I'm back and online again to write letters & send presents again. I'm looking for anyone who likes anime, j-fashion, j-rock & j-goth music, likes to write letters and send presents and postcards back & forth. I'm also looking for any missed contacts I had before if they want to be my pen pals again. Age is not an issue for me. ^^ my email is bloodnightsystem@live.com

Zombie_Condom [userpic]
by Zombie_Condom (zombie_condom)
at October 2nd, 2008 (04:46 pm)

current location: my bedroom
current mood: optimistic
current song: Quadrangle by Nega

Name: Sierra

Location: North Carolina, USA

Lolita Style Of Choice: Punk, Gothic, Elegant

Age: 15

A Bit About Myself:
Ano~ Im your average teenage non-stereotypical asian. Im madly in love with my boyfriend. I love watching Anime! I enjoy reading Manga and actual books like Cirque Du Freak, Keisha Ra, and other books. Im a total Jrock Addict. I've been through more stuff than it looks like so don't hate before you get to actually know me. I've been told that im a really nice person and interesting to talk to. and in the words of my buddy Gabe "you're a work of art!". I listen to whatever type of music i want to but usually its Jrock; I wear whatever i want to but mostly its Gothic Visual Kei Jrock clothing because its my style. I don't have many close friends because everyones always losing my trust and doing things to make me hate them more and more,so from that sentence im sure you can tell I get lots of drama in my life but ya know,it happens. I LOVE TO RAVE!^^.I apologize in advance for my lousy english,i've lived in the states for almost my whole life and my english still gets a little weird. I would love to make a new friend^^ so email me sometime,or IM me!

Email: bleedingvampire0@yahoo.com


AIM - XxDirtyRaverxX
MSN - XxQuarantineDreamxX@hotmail.com

amytasukada [userpic]
a letter to someone
by amytasukada (amytasukada)
at July 2nd, 2008 (10:10 pm)

Name: Amy Tasukada
General Location: Texas, USA
Loli style of Choice: I like very much the dark aristocrat and gothic Lolita
Age: 20
Myself: I like to read and write. I’m also a movie fan and like Japanese and Korean music. I listen to bands like Malice Mizer, Moi Dix Mois, Seo Taiji, and Moon hee jun. I also like tea and baking.  I study to be an elementary teacher.  I love to write letters and love to have a penpals from all over the world. If you are interest then e-mail me at ko_kokey_zanet@yahoo.com

Handwritten Pen Pal Please ^_^
by littlemouse0000 (littlemouse0000)
at July 2nd, 2008 (11:22 am)

Name: Debbie (Or Little Mouse)

General location: Bath; England

Loli style of choice: Elegant gothic lolita, I also like stuff with big bows and frills etc. Really only wear black and white.

Age: 20

General info:

I like lots of different music but my favourites are Rock, J rock/pop and classical. I like period dramas, comedies, cult film, Studio Ghibli and am a bit of  a gamer. I currently play the MMO AOC. I enjoy drawing, reading (include; HP, Garth Nix, Phillip Paulman), playing games and am considering starting to learn piano again and I also watch anime - Vampire Knight being my current favourite.  I'm at university studying Geography (not as boring as it sounds). Hmm - You can't really tell what a person is like from just this so please check out my myspace for more info. www.myspace.com/debbiebutton

Thanks ^_^

First posting
by Princess of Depression and Insomnia (black_hime91)
at June 24th, 2008 (02:28 pm)

current mood: cheerful

Konnichiwa! ^^ 

Name: Christiane, but you can call me Chrissy

General location: Freiburg, Germany

Loli style of choice: Gothic Lolita and Aristocrat. I like black and elegant dresses but also cute and frilly ones.

Age: 16

General info:

I listen to Japanese rock music( Versailles, Moi Dix Mois, Gazette, Juka, etc.). I´m learning Japanese at the moment and I like languages very much. My hobbies are drawing, writing stories and letters, singing and sewing(but I can´t sew really good at the moment -.-°°). I´d like to have penpals from all over the world. So if you are interested, you can mail me. Here´s my E-mail address: chrisma91@web.de

alice_lolita [userpic]
by alice_lolita (alice_lolita)
at June 21st, 2008 (08:49 pm)

posting to say hello.

Name: Chesca

General location: CT, USA

Loli style of choice: Sweet! The more frills, pastels, and lace the better!!!!!! also love all styles.

Age: a lady never tells her age.

General info:

I'm short and asian. I rock at DDR. I like to say desu. I have long list of anime that i like to watch. I have a gaia.I idolize Mana-sama. ( then again, who DOESN'T?)
I go to school. I like sushi! Tea is awesome. I have NEVER tried macaroons in my life.

xxskotiaxx [userpic]
Has a Wonderful Pen Pal! :3
by xxskotiaxx (xxskotiaxx)
at May 27th, 2008 (07:29 pm)

current location: Florida T_T
current mood: curious

Name: Becka
Email: hope_like_fire_91@yahoo.com
I'm Seeking: boy/girl, honestly it doesnt matter. I prefer gothic, and classic lolita. But as long as their intelligent and have many interests, that would be wonderful! XD
My Favourite Styles: I don't realy have a set style. I wear what I feel like at that moment, when Im looking in my closet. I just dont do sweats...lol
My Favourite Brands: Dir en Grey, Malice Mizer, Pornor Graffittti, Panic at the Disco, MCR, The Almost, and Tokio Hotel (there are a ton more but Im lazy -_-')
The best thing about being a Lolita is: I'd have to say the clothes! They are wonderful, and so fanciful. I just cant seem to get enough.
Other interests: Uhhh reading, sp, vampire novels, and manga, I really like to draw and write. Also I'm a pretty mean cook!  I love Victorian, gothic , French and Italian archecture! Als I have a slight obbsesion with finely carved antigue doors..Dont ask me why though, because I dont even know. 

Donkeyskin [userpic]
Hello all! ^_^
by Donkeyskin (treecat007)
at May 22nd, 2008 (10:12 pm)

I think that I may have posted here several years ago, but I figured that I might as well re-post now. (Feel free to delete if wished). ^_^
Name: Leia
General Location: Northeast United States
Loli Style of Choice: Really anything that catches my eye, though I tend to drift towards Classic or EGA.
Your Age: 19
A bit about yourself:
Well, I am currently a university student majoring in English/Environmental studies, and I really love learning (yes, I do like school!). Within my English studies I have a particular focus on fairy tales, which I find fascinating. I love the winter (a character trait that is rather required if one lives in the Northeastern US), and spend a lot of time participating in winter sports like downhill skiing, snowshoeing, and figure skating. I also love to dance, and choreograph for both dance and skating.
I am currently employed in my school's costume shop as a seamstress/costume tech., which is loads of fun, as I not only get to work productions but I am really improving my sewing ability (great for my Lolita lifestyle!). In regards to all things Lolita I love tea parties, baking cookies, and treating everyone I meet with cheerful respect.

My favorite movies are 'A Knights Tale' and 'Enchanted'.
I am seeking a penpal who is cheerful, open-minded, and willing to engage in both jovial banter and more intellectual dialogue. Someone to share sewing and lifestyle tips and tricks with would be ideal. Age doesn't really matter, but 18+ would likely be for the best (I can be very opinionated ^_-).
If you would be interested you can email me at kusilverfox@gmail.com, or just respond to my journal. I look forward to meeting you! ^_^

by kyatchan (kyatchan)
at February 11th, 2008 (11:28 pm)

current location: Georgia
current mood: cheerful

 Name: Kathryn

General Location: Georgia

Loli Style of Choice: Sweet, Classic

Your age: 20

A bit about yourself:
I am a university student majoring in international business with a minor in Japanese.  I love all things Lolita - and have been a loli fan for many years.  I enjoy sewing, beading, knitting, reading, and writing.  I also enjoy having tea-time!  I love Disney.  My favorite movie is "The Beauty and the Beast," and my favorite book is "The Phantom of the Opera."  I would enjoy having a Lolita penpal!!  We could practice writing letters and get to know one another.  Thank you!

Best wishes,