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Claudia [userpic]
by Claudia (naonaonao)
at August 9th, 2009 (06:21 pm)
current location: Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate

N a m e : Claudia
N i c k n a m e : Nao
L o c a t i o n : Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate
L o l i t a _ S t y l e : Sweet, Pirate, Kuro & Kodona
A g e : 17
A b o u t _ m y s e l f : I think I'm an open-minded and friendly girl with a big interest in music, art, Japanese fashion (especially/of course Lolita), Anime + Manga and the Japanese language. Because of that I'm learning it since spring in a language course. <3 My favorite bands are The Beatles ♥, alice nine., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and lots more. I also love Industrial and I'm playing + owning 4 guitars. (I still dream of playing + owning a Beatles-Bass.)
I've got a small zoo at home including two dogs, three budgies, two guinea pigs and lots of fish. XD And I'd say that I'm a person everbody can talk to and write with in case there is a (good) topic to talk/write about. Even if it's something I don't really know, I'm still learning! :O <3

If there are questions about my favorite insert-word-here or whatever feel free to ask! <3