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neko_nekogami [userpic]
Me! =3
by neko_nekogami (neko_nekogami)
at February 10th, 2009 (04:55 pm)

Name: Averie

Nickname: Neko

Address or General Location: Hershey, PA (Yes, the chocolate place XD)

Lolita Style of Choice: Sweet. ^^

Your Age: 15

A bit about yourself: It all started with an obsession with anime and manga. One day, while searching the internet for cosplay outfits I came across Cosmates and saw their "Gothic Lolita" section. Wondering what exactly it was, I decided to take a look. I instantly fell in love and I have been ever since! It's been probably about two years since then and I now have a web site called "Lovely Neko" that is meant to help beginner Lolitas so that they never have to be stuck being called an ita-loli. I am also a moderator for the site Lolita Snap. (My lolita snap name is inuzukaluv, look for me. =3)
I am currently writing a book about Lolita as well. The book is going to give an introduction to Lolita and a glossary for people who are not familiar. I am going to keep a record of the reactions I get while wearing Lolita and put them together into the book to help get people to see how hurtful it can be when they make fun of people just for the way they dress.
When I grow up I would like to try to get the manga I am working on published and I would also love to become a Lolita designer with my own brand! ^^