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Nadine Brown [userpic]
Housewife lolita looking for pen pal of the same.
by Nadine Brown (nadinebrown3)
at February 21st, 2011 (11:29 pm)
current location: United States, Arizona, Tucson

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My Intro
by ms_gracedarling (ms_gracedarling)
at January 10th, 2011 (01:13 am)

 Name: Grace Darling

Age: 21

Gender: Female

I'm Seeking: I would love to have someone to correspond with, especially through handwritten letters. I would like to make a life-long friend who enjoys the same things as I.

Interests: Lolita fashion and history, Victorian fashion and history, WWII, manga/anime, poetry, crafts, sewing

My Favorite Brands: BTSSB, Victorian Maiden, Innocent World, and my original designs

About me: I love to read and I also write. I have published poetry and I am working on a novel. I love sewing and crafts of all sort. My worst habit is that I always have multiple projects going on at once and it's hard to focus. I have started sewing my own clothing and one day I would like to sell my designs. I love history and I'm currently interested in WWII and the style of the 1940s. My favorite color is purple and I can't pick a single subcategory of lolita, so I wear them all (though I do have a soft spot for sweet). 

My email: ballerina.of.DOOM@gmail.com, please email me if you are interested in being my pen pal. thanks ^-^

zimbia [userpic]
by zimbia (zimbia)
at October 7th, 2010 (05:50 pm)

Name: Susie-Marie

Nickname: Zimbia

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Location: Nevada, USA

I'm Seeking: I really enjoy other girls, who like myself send hand written letters. I don't care what age. I would really enjoy someone from another country.

lolita fashion, figure skating, Marie Antoinette, dolls, fashion design, sewing

Your Style: sweet, classical, classical sweet, country

My Favourite Brands: Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Innocent World, Victorian Maiden, Juliet et Justine, Mary Magdalene

The best thing about being a Lolita is: Wearing so many beautiful clothes and having strangers stop to ask to take your picture.

About You:
I am a competitive figure skater, tho I only do it for fun, I'm not very serious about it. I've been skating for 2 years now. I am also a fashion design student, tho i enjoy sewing garments much more then the rest of the process involved with fashion design. Tho, I prefer to sew up my own ideas and not those of others.

My email: pinkicepanda@aol.com

Claudia [userpic]
by Claudia (naonaonao)
at August 9th, 2009 (06:21 pm)
current location: Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate

N a m e : Claudia
N i c k n a m e : Nao
L o c a t i o n : Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate
L o l i t a _ S t y l e : Sweet, Pirate, Kuro & Kodona
A g e : 17
A b o u t _ m y s e l f : I think I'm an open-minded and friendly girl with a big interest in music, art, Japanese fashion (especially/of course Lolita), Anime + Manga and the Japanese language. Because of that I'm learning it since spring in a language course. <3 My favorite bands are The Beatles ♥, alice nine., My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and lots more. I also love Industrial and I'm playing + owning 4 guitars. (I still dream of playing + owning a Beatles-Bass.)
I've got a small zoo at home including two dogs, three budgies, two guinea pigs and lots of fish. XD And I'd say that I'm a person everbody can talk to and write with in case there is a (good) topic to talk/write about. Even if it's something I don't really know, I'm still learning! :O <3

If there are questions about my favorite insert-word-here or whatever feel free to ask! <3

I thought i should try it out! =D
by lillypebbles666 (lillypebbles666)
at April 8th, 2009 (08:36 pm)

current location: At Home
current mood: calm
current song: Selia + SiSeN - Yokubaku

Name: Lilly Pebbles

Location: Germany....(and im not happy about it ><;;)

Loli Style: ahh i tend to kinda mix everything up so i guess i have my own style thuogh most of teh time it is inspired by The Candy Spooky Theater..

Age: 18

About me: Hello there! I'm Lilly and i love everything that has to do with Japan!! i Listen to Jrock..my fav. bands are The Gazette, Nega, The Candy Spooky Theater, Dir en grey..and well a few more but i cannot really think of more at the moment!! xD!
I'm most of teh time a happy person and i share a jrock Rp site, which is much fun! I felt like going here cause i'd like to get to know new people plus im kinda new here too! SOO yeah! if you'd like to message me please do so! i also have msn and AIM! I'm also quite a random person so be warned ne!

AIM: LillyPebbles666

MSN: audrey_spooky@hotmail.com


by ★ aly ★ (lolita_maiden)
at February 19th, 2009 (09:05 pm)

current location: Home
current mood: chipper
current song: Cross Game - Alice Nine

Name: Alyssa

Nickname: Aly, Alice.

Location: Perth, Western Australia

Lolita Style of Choice: Sweet and Gothic Lolita.

Your Age: Thirteen

A bit about yourself:
I'm a new lolita, still learning a lot about it. But I'm growing. :D It was only last year that I found out about lolita clothing, and that was through a interesting manga called; 'Othello'. I enjoy many different anime and manga. I'm in Year Nine (3rd Year of Middle School), I enjoy playing video games (Tales of Symphonia, Kingdom Hearts etc.) in my spare time and reading novels. I also enjoy the season, Winter. And although not a popular sport in Australia, I enjoy ice-skating.
Nice to meet you~ I hope to meet more lolitas :D 

neko_nekogami [userpic]
Me! =3
by neko_nekogami (neko_nekogami)
at February 10th, 2009 (04:55 pm)

Name: Averie

Nickname: Neko

Address or General Location: Hershey, PA (Yes, the chocolate place XD)

Lolita Style of Choice: Sweet. ^^

Your Age: 15

A bit about yourself: It all started with an obsession with anime and manga. One day, while searching the internet for cosplay outfits I came across Cosmates and saw their "Gothic Lolita" section. Wondering what exactly it was, I decided to take a look. I instantly fell in love and I have been ever since! It's been probably about two years since then and I now have a web site called "Lovely Neko" that is meant to help beginner Lolitas so that they never have to be stuck being called an ita-loli. I am also a moderator for the site Lolita Snap. (My lolita snap name is inuzukaluv, look for me. =3)
I am currently writing a book about Lolita as well. The book is going to give an introduction to Lolita and a glossary for people who are not familiar. I am going to keep a record of the reactions I get while wearing Lolita and put them together into the book to help get people to see how hurtful it can be when they make fun of people just for the way they dress.
When I grow up I would like to try to get the manga I am working on published and I would also love to become a Lolita designer with my own brand! ^^

:Diananana [userpic]
Intro please!
by :Diananana (princessgiraffe)
at March 5th, 2009 (06:10 am)

current location: Upland, California
current mood: chipper

Name: Diana

Nickname: Giraffe

Address or General Location: Upland, California

Lolita Style of Choice: Sweet! And Casual, Classic, Hime

Your Age: 13

A bit about yourself: My name is Diana but everyone in my class calls me Giraffe. I am 13 and in the 8th grade. I love lolita but unfortunately at my school we have to wear a uniform. I am very tall and skinny and I like to write. I have won several essay contests at my school. I also love to dance and I'm currently in ballet! My favorite show to watch is America's Next Top Model. I have one dog and 2 sisters. I guess that's it... : )

princesswinter [userpic]
My Intro
by princesswinter (princesswinter)
at January 27th, 2009 (03:33 pm)

current mood: silly
current song: New Soul - Yael Naim

Name: Gretchen ^^

Nickname: Gure (Pronounced Goo-ray) or Winnie

Address or General Location: Toledo, Ohio

Lolita Style of Choice: SWEET!! ^^ I also like Hime and Classic.

Your Age: 14

A bit about yourself: My name is Gure! I am 14 and an 8th grader. I don't meet a lot of loli's my age though... I LOVE Lolita! I've loved it for a very long tome. I like sweet, hime and classic because it's more innocent. It brings me back to a finer time. Innocence, extravagance, intelligence, a cup of tea and a violin. I love sweets as well. ^^
I am absolutely in love with Alice in Wonderland!!! I love the book and the movie.
I am an artist! I work with pastels, paint, clay and I draw.
I love anime and manga! Fav as of right now is Vampire Knight.
I am also a writer...

Message Me Please!!!

nekolalia [userpic]
by nekolalia (nekolalia)
at December 8th, 2008 (06:30 pm)

current location: My bedroom
current mood: refreshed
current song: The Decemberists - The Crane Wife

Name: Anna

Nickname: Neko, or Neko-chan

Address or General Location: Perth, Western Australia.

Lolita Style of Choice: EGL, Classic lolita, and a little bit of Sweet lolita, though I tend to avoid the more flamboyant floral prints and things. Also, Neko-mimi (or cat ears), which is not technically a part of lolita fashion but which is an important part of my style.

Your Age: 20

A bit about yourself: I have been somewhat involved in the lolita lifestyle for several years, but have only recently found a desire to see it as more than a fashion - I feel a strong resonance with the sophisticated yet playful mannerisms of the 'ideal' lolita. I have always had an interest in baking, drawing, sewing, writing, gardening, playing classical music and hosting dinner parties - some people say I was born into the wrong era! That being said, I can also find great pleasure in less 'lolita-esque' activities; I love a good party, a few too many drinks, all sorts of music from bluegrass to jazz fusion to punk to reggae, and long drives at night.

I am about to start my second year at university, studying psychology, and am hoping either to pursue a career as a clinical psychologist or, fingers crossed, as an artist, singer, painter, poet, or beautiful socialite! :P

What else? I love a good book and a good movie, I love to go to classical concerts and to art galleries. I have a gorgeous little black cat who is a very naughty kitty but who I adore, and I have a boyfriend who I could say about the same for!

But enough about me. I would like to find a pen-pal who I could start talking to by email, then if we want to, we could send proper letters. :D

Thanks everybody for reading. I look forward to getting to know you all!

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